(in alphabetical order) curation by Natasha Lands

Aaron Charles Read’s artwork can be found in many different forms. As a musician he tours with the American pop band ‘How to Dress Well’. He can often be seen on the TV network Adult Swim and in the local improv show ‘ The Sunday Service’. In his down time he’s drawing and painting.


Chad Murray is a artist living and working in Vancouver. When he’s not dreaming up and painting his own visual interpretations of skydiving, he’s creating beautiful landscapes.


Cole Kush is an engineer. But he doesn’t build bridges or skyscrapers. He is a social engineer with brilliant precision. He sees a layer of the onion that few can. Cole’s VR video work isn’t far from this constant questioning of reality, as the subjects of his videos are easily recognizable but far from real.


Ehren Salazar is an artist who was born and raised near Main Street in Vancouver Canada. He attended Emily Carr University (2002-2004) as well as Langara College's Fine Arts program (1999 & 2009). In 2012 Ehren travelled to Italy on scholarship to study and practice the art of fresco restoration for the summer.


Elke is a self-taught artist who developed a strong interest in wildlife art while studying Biology at the University of Victoria. She is currently illustrating Canadian children’s books and continues to create her expressive wildlife portraits. Her media of choice are acrylic, watercolour, gouache and pen & ink.


Grady Mitchell is a writer and photographer in Vancouver, Canada. He is a Managing Editor at Scout Magazine.


Jennifer Worms is a visual artist working in Vancouver. She can most often be found in the production design department for many of the films you know and love.


John Burgess is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver. Burgess’ works are inflected by direct references to the spaces they occupy, often making use of their histories or functions to situate the art. By design, Burgess’ work can appear to be functional, though it usually transcends its intended purpose. He has participated in exhibitions in Australia, the United States and Canada.


Katrin Braga is a photographer from Iceland. She grew up in the tiny remote town of Fellabær on the east side of the island. She was influenced by the rich culture and harsh beauty that surrounded her. Now she resides in Vancouver and has directed her work towards photographing individuals outside of the traditional norms of fashion. Her greatest satisfaction comes from the interplay between photographer and subject.


Kyle MacDonald is a creative multifaceted indvidual. Have you ever hear the story about a guy who traded a red paperclip for a house? Kyle is that guy.


Michael Markowsky is a visual artist and writer who lives primarily in Vancouver. For the past 13 years he has made semi-abstract artwork inspired by the landscape. Typically he makes drawings and paintings while riding inside or on top of moving cars, buses, boats, trains and airplanes.


OURO is a Vancouver-based dance collective that uses street dance vocabulary (hip hop, breaking, popping, waacking) as a foundation for the creation and production of new work. The diverse dance background of each of the five members is used as a catalyst for creation through constant exchange, dialogue and collaboration to generate an innovative movement aesthetic that aims to offer a unique experience to the viewer.


Stephen is a graphic designer working freelance and in-house at Science World British Columbia. Originally from Ireland, he has been in Vancouver for six years. Stephen graduated with distinction from the Design Essentials program at BCIT/Emily Carr University.

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