“Hawk” by Brasstronaut

from the self-titled album, Brasstronaut
upcoming release, September 2016

Hybridity Records (N.A.)
Tin Angel Records (Europe)


Band Bio

  • On the cover of the LP we find a series of illustrations where each band member’s face, skull and instruments are threaded together through overlapping lines, hinting not only at the sound of the record but its process and intent: a mind-meld of styles and emotions that form a brave new direction for a group already known for charting its own orbit.

  • After their acclaimed release Mean Sun (2012), Brasstronaut, the 6-piece from Vancouver, British Columbia, returns with their third studio album. A self-titled LP consisting of nine tracks that come together to form the band’s most robust effort to date, it sees them continuing to embrace the unknown while steadily honing in on a sound that melds elements of rock, pop, electronic, and even hints of jazz, Afrobeat and disco. These songs demand that you sit up and pay attention, that you play them repeatedly until you can confidently navigate the unexpected twists in the road. They coax you past haunting scenes—a red horizon on Mars, villages under a bridge in Paris—and sometimes they invite you, with open arms, onto the dance floor.

    With members pursuing various solo projects from their different bases in Vancouver, Winnipeg and New York, the album first emerged from a series of audio sketches that were ping-ponged across the continent until certain ideas began to emerge and gain momentum. Gradually they found their rapport and developed bits of the sonic language which would become the basis for the album. It’s a sound that sees familiar strands of the band’s experimental roots expanded upon towards something more confidently kinetic, while at the same time drawing from each member’s strength to form a more kaleidoscopic whole.

    Brasstronaut was recorded at Gold Hippie Studios in Brooklyn/Vancouver and at Monarch Studios in Vancouver with mixing by Edo Van Breemen and Colin Stewart (Hive Studios, Saanich, BC.) Upcoming release on Hybridity Records in North America and Tin Angel Records in Europe.


Maud Van Breemen filmed Pink, in 1977, to contrast the exploitation and slasher films of the time. Her whimsical colour study was in direct opposition to abject trends set by films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This music video takes her film as a catalyst for creative interpretations in all mediums. The works have been created by artists and non-artists of all backgrounds, and were displayed at an art gallery in Vancouver as a surprise for Maud and Casey.

Pink stars the young Casey Van Breemen, Maud’s husband. Their son is Edo Van Breemen, vocalist and keyboardist of Brasstronaut.

video by Anthem Jackson

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.